Vibram, a passion for innovation

Vibram is the story of a visionary founder, a perpetual inventor: Vitale Bramani. Following a tragic mountain expedition, in 1936 he invented the first vulcanized rubber soles that revolutionized the history of footwear. Since then Vibram has continued to develop and innovate in the field of soles. Vibram Paris Academy is a new concept: from repair to customization of your shoes thanks to the soles of the Vibram Sole Factor collection, many of which are available exclusively in our shop. Discover the latest news and innovations from Vibram research laboratories, for your sports shoes or your shoes for everyday life, even your sneakers, give your shoes, new or worn, the performance and look you want : grip, lightness, volume and even eco-responsible. Customizing is all about possibilities, and we offer you a multitude of possibilities. Online and in our shop we welcome you to work out together, according to your choices, the best for your shoes. The Vibram Sole Factor collection allows you to choose your favorite performance and design, and the opportunity to create something unique and that suits you.

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