Discover exclusive products with technology LITEBASE

Vibram Litebase is an innovative technology designed to considerably reduce the weight of the sole by reducing the thickness of the rubber, while maintaining the same performance.

Vibram Sole : design,performance and comfort

Customize your shoes (hiking, running, sneakers, sandals ...) with an avant-garde design sole.

Improve their performance in terms of weight, volume, flexibility, or stability on wet, dry or icy ground.

The Vibram sole is made of a special rubber which provides excellent grip, great comfort and is resistant to abrasion. The technologies used (Mega Grip, Artic Grip, Lite base ...) are suitable for all sports practices : running, trekking, training ...

Vibram Sole EMMA

With its bubble patterns, the Vibram sole EMMA Maximizes the contact surface with the ground, thus offering a perfect grip.Wave-shaped grooves allow water and mud to flow while walking

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Toe shoes for sport and everyday life (Soon in the shop)

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Comfortable, durable and timeless shoes

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The best for leather care and renovation

Vibram, innovative brand

Vibram is the world leader in the production and marketing of rubber soles. Since 1937, the company has innovated by creating high-performance models, synonymous with quality, comfort and safety.

The Vibram brand was created by Vitale Bramani, following a tragic mountain accident. To ensure the safety of mountaineers of the time, the Italian decided to develop a sole capable of excellent traction on all types of surfaces. He used vulcanized tire technology and developed the Carrarmato design: the first Vibram sole was born. Historically focused on mountain equipment, Vibram has developed over the years a wide range of products designed for sport (hiking, climbing, mountaineering, running, trekking ...), leisure, work or home

Ultra-grip and resistant soles

The Vibram sole is the combination of a hyper-functional design and a unique, high-tech rubber compound. Stability, grip, traction, braking ... The sole excels at all points. It offers incomparable comfort and resists wear to accompany you for many years.

Second skin shoes: Vibram Five Fingers

In 2004, Vibram revolutionized the shoe market by launching Vibram Five Fingers, the first minimalist shoe with separate toes. A real second skin, it offers a "barefoot" feeling for maximum comfort. Thin, flexible, light and sophisticated, the Five Fingers sole protects your foot while giving you great freedom of movement.